Welcome to byochair.com

OK – so a little about me!!

I’ve pretty much always loved cooking and can remember as a young girl asking my Mum a million questions either when she was cooking our dinner, or preparing for one of our many family gatherings.  I also spent numerous summer holidays hanging out with my Uncle Charly in his restaurant, where I’d happily peel garlic for hours whilst observing all the prep and cooking that was taking place around me.  At the age of thirty, I took a somewhat brave leap of faith and spent 5 years working in some great Sydney restaurants as a chef.  I am now working back in an office, where I luckily have more time to travel and enjoy food from the other side of the service counter!  The plan for byochair.com, is to give me an opportunity to continue to pursue my love of cooking, share recipes and no doubt a few adventures along the way!!

The food I love cooking and eating are meals shared in a relaxed atmosphere with friends and family.  Food that is pleasing on the eye, and also working with different textures and aromas to excite all the senses.  Put simply, food that makes you smile with happy memory flashes when the plate hits the table!!  Nothing super fancy, just good ingredients, cooked well, shared with great company and with any luck (and time allowing) a couple of bottles of good wine!

In short, I’d like my recipes to help people who don’t always have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen and/or the confidence to tackle complicated recipes.  My plan is simple ………. I hope to offer some easy to follow recipes that will produce great tasting meals for you …….. one or two might even find their way onto your list of favourite recipes!!

So you’ll probably notice as we go along, lots of my dishes will be served on platters or in large bowls. The intention here is quite simple; lots of my favourite childhood memories are of our many family get togethers where we’d all sit around (several) long tables sharing food and good times, and the odd game of beach cricket!!  I will also throw in some great dinner party ideas that are not overly complicated, so you can enjoy the preparation as much as the party!!

Now, I am going to confess early on that I am no pastry chef BUT lucky for me and you, I have a very good friend who is an excellent pasty chef who has agreed to do some guest appearances for us!!  Thanks Keith xxx

I will also work on twisting the arms of other very talented chef friends and family to share a recipe or two (and perhaps some trade secrets!!).

I hope you enjoy byochair.com and I very much look forward to sharing my recipes and journey with you all.

Enjoy !!

Terase xxx

  1. Michelle Nicholas said:

    love it

    • Thanks bella – sooooo excited to have it all up and running – first recipe is nice and easy – the kids could defo tackle it – T

  2. MLE said:

    One suggestion… can you enable the scratch and sniff function on your pictures. I like to engage more than one sense when i salivate over your blog!

    Great start ladies. Look forward to being an avid follower!

  3. Lou ambler said:

    You go girls- bring on the next one!

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